Grille Guard for Trucks

b7I’m sure protecting your truck, and also making it look nice is a pleasing thought to truck owners such as yourself. There are various ways in which this pleasing thought can actually be accomplished, but few are as dramatic as truck grille guards.

Most truck owners know what grille guards are, at least when they see them, but many do not know the monstrous advantages that these accessories offer, especially for a truck used on a job site or for off road purposes.

Grille guards for trucks are designed to provide safety and aesthetics to a truck. They are made of tubular steel that gives that extra protection to the front end of your truck.

Whether you're hitting the back roads, regularly on a job site for work, or just cruising through town, it feels good to know that you can always count on that extra protection up front.

They designed to face out front of your existing factory grill, thereby safeguard every passenger on the seats behind it, also protects your window and radiator.

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How to choose a Grille Guard for your truck
So how can you choose the perfect Grille guard for your truck? Well, there are things you should take into consideration when making an important decision like this.
First, custom fit. Every vehicle has a type or model, and there are grille guards for most of these models.

When choosing a grille guard, you need to be certain that the guard is the right size and model for your truck.

Most guards can fit different car type; Ford, Dodge, Toyota, and GMC, but you need to speak to a manufacturer or retailer in order to determine which the best-suited guard for your truck model.

If you fail to do this, then you might have to drill new holes into the truck's underside. This is inconvenient and also can damage the look of your beloved truck.

Thickness;  all grille guard have thicknesses. Determine the thickness of the guard when making a purchase. The thicker the guard, the safer you feel while driving.

However, this all comes down to the look you want and what you plan on using the truck for? Are you planning on 4 WD adventures every weekend into the rugged terrain? Or are you frequently on the highway, traveling to and from job sites?

It’s always better to get a thick grille guard but know “the thicker the guard, the costlier and heavier it gets”.

Another factor to consider is your guard finish; now do you want your grille guard to be; chrome, stainless or powder coat black?

Whether chrome or stainless, you cannot go wrong with choosing the best finish for your truck grille guard; because of the better the finish of your grille guard, the better the overall result, your truck appearance, and performance.

Style; companies and manufacturers are different when it comes to grille guards. Your grille guard style is all about the look, how do you want it to look?

Sleek, glossy or shiny?

It’s all to you to decide. Some of the best grille guard has a look sleek with good performance.

Benefits of putting grille guards 

Grille Guards are not just there to make your truck look great; it also comes with some other benefits;

  • Grille guard give the vehicle’s front end a style boost for the, making it stand out from other similar trucks.
  • It protects the grille and headlights from damages.
  • Shields the front end of the vehicle in case of low-speed impacts
  • Can be used in case of emergencies; helping other motorists move their vehicles out of the way.
  • Guard grille are very easy to install and can be generally mounted into pre-existing holes on the vehicle's frame.
  • It protects the radiator.
  • Allow you to choose between finishes so as to complement the look of your truck.
  • Other accessories can be mounted on it; such as fog or off-road lights.

When purchasing a grille guard, you should also consider getting an entire grille guard package; skid plates, window deflator or vent visors. A typical example of the vent visor is the Seamless Vent Visor; designed to complete the look of your truck with a subtle style and elegance.

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