We are thrilled to announce that Automotive Specialty Accessories is one of DECKED's select dealers! As a company that designs, engineers and manufactures its products exclusively in the US, it is an honor for us to be chosen as a preferred dealer in Plainwell.


DECKED offers truck bed storage accessories that make organization easy and improve efficiency. With the right upgrade you can get the most out of your truck bed and make life much simpler.

With over 200 makes and models compatible, don't miss this opportunity to invest in top quality products from Automotive Specialty Accessories. Stop by today or reach them at: 79 10th Street, (269) 685-2189.

Bed Storage

DECKED Pickup Truck Bed Storage System Features & Benefits Video

A helpful features and benefits video of the award-winning DECKED pickup truck bed storage system, winner of the SEMA 2015 Best New Product Award. DECKED designs and manufactures fully engineered, 100% American Made truck bed and in-vehicle drawer systems with a true 2000 lb payload. The DECKED system will keep your gear and tools dry, secure and organized. Work smarter, play harder.

DECKED truck tool box partner

DECKED. Built To Work Right Here in America.

Built to Work Right Here in America. Hey tough guy, we know you work hard, but are you working efficiently? We designed DECKED to give you organization and easy access to your tools and other gear, eliminating the need to crawl into the back of your truck.

SwingCase Swingout Tool Box for Trucks by UnderCover

The UnderCover SwingCase is the most innovative tool box & storage solution for trucks on the market today...And we've redesigned it to be better than ever. swingcase It's weather-proof, easy to use, and locks tight storing over 75 lbs of your truck beds contents safe and secure. Simple to install, and it has an effortless lift-off removal system if you need access to your entire bed. It works perfect with any UnderCover tonneau; as well as over 95% of other tonneaus on the market. Just pull the redesigned yellow handle and the SwingCase comes to you, allowing the user to access materials without having to step foot in the truck bed. Built specifically for the driver and passenger sides, you can get both for less than the cost of a traditional toolbox. Installation takes about 5 minutes per side and everything you need is included. Best yet, your Undercover Swing Case truck bed storage boxes are backed by a 1-year warranty.

AMP Research Bed X-Tender Explained

http://www.amp-research.com, Learn more about the inventor Horst Leitner and his amazing invention, the AMP Research Bed X-Tender

Amp Research Bed Extender

Flip it out with the tailgate open to gain up to 2-feet of enclosed cargo area. Flip it inside and close the tailgate to keep tools and smaller cargo contained in the truck bed.

Which BEDSLIDE is right for you?

BEDSLIDE now offers 5 models of BED SLIDE Cargo Trays. Which BEDSLIDE is right for you? The BEDSLIDE is the best truck bed accessory to help access tools and equipment.